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Stretch Dynamics

Doctor supervised assisted stretching.

Safe & Effective stretching, Flexibility for everyone.



Stretch Dynamics uses multiple levels and types of stretching to meet everyone’s needs. Medically based stretches to safely and effectively increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion, while decreasing  injury and pain. Individual & customized approach to improve quality and outcome.


  • Dynamic stretch & Warm up
  • PNF stretching
  • Escalating ROM(SM) 
  • Fascial stretch

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Performance services include: 

  • Structural Alignments
  • trigger point release
  • Vibration therapy 

to improve over all performance, compliment stretching and ease movement.

Our bodies are a dynamic chain and to function optimally all components of that chain must be free from restriction. Skeletal, muscular, tendon, ligament, and fascia.

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Cupping, recovery, fascial release


Recovery should be part of everyone’s  routine, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or grandparent looking to stay mobile with the grandkids. 

We offer:

  • Dynamic compression
  • Instrument assisted fascial release
  • Cupping 
  • Kinesiology taping

to aid recovery, and facilitate the healing process.

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