Dynamic Stretch and Warm up:

Utilizing a dynamic/active stretch we are able to increase flexibility safe and effectively. Coupled with our Escalating Range Of Motion system (EROMS)

we can increase the stretch in a progressive fluid movement that increases the deepth of the stretch in a safe manner.

PNF (Proprioseptive neuromuscular Fascilitation):

Amore advanced medical/rehab based stretch. PNF stretches combine stretching and contracting the muscle range of motion. Used by Healthcare Professionals due to its more complex and strenuous execution, it can increase flexibility in a rapid manner.  

Escalating Range Of Motion (EROMS):

A progressive movement that is used with Dynamic and active stretch to safely and effectively increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. Bringing the sttetch through a progressive motion with periods of rest gives the ability to acclimate and adapt leading to deeper safer movements.

Fascial Stretch:

Fascia is a intricate network of connective tissue, that attaches, stabilizes, supports, protects and encloses muscle systems, organs and the entire body. 

By stretching and releasing the adhesions that form we can increase range of motion by decreasing the restrictions.


Structural Alignment:

Trigger Point Release:

Vibration Therapy;


Dynamic Compression: